YA Chibi-fied (3)

Where I take YA -- and chibi-fy it (with a 2B mechanical pencil)! ;)

Chibi (ちび): n. This is a drawing style where anime/manga characters are shrunk into a small, cute, child-like form. This drawing style is sometimes called 'super-deformed' in the west and is pronounced 'chee-be'. [animetion.co.uk]


I think today's chibis speak for themselves:

Little Hermione with mini-Crookshanks. <3

Hermione is dedicated to Sandy @ Pirate Penguin's Reads, who requested her and Crookshanks. :)

The top of Voldemort's head and wand scanned in fuzzy for some reason, so I used Photoshop and made a glow emanate from his wand (see, that kind of explains the fuzziness). In general, they were fun to draw, though I nearly died of boredom from shading the robes. ;_;

What helped me stick through it was the fact that the Harry Potter Puppet Pals song wouldn't stop running through my head...

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing next week, but suggestions I'm considering are: Rose from the Vampire Academy series and Deuce/Fade from Enclave. (And maybe Shakira sometime, lol.)

Thoughts or suggestions for characters you'd like to see chibi-fied? I'd love to hear them! :)