Winner & The Host's Melanie!

First, the winner of the In the Shadow of the Lamp by Susanne Dunlap contest. The greater powers that be at declare the winner is:

Jeanna (#36)

Congrats, Jeanna! I've sent you an email, and thanks to everyone else who entered. :)

Also, I heard from (which was from about the casting of Melanie from The Host by Stephanie Meyer. WOW, it's finally starting along the path of a movie. I present Saoirse Ronan:

I've heard she's good, but I haven't actually watched any of her movies. As for whether she looks the part, perhaps if you dirty her up a bit... Saorise's eyes are stunning though, as is her name. I can kind of imagine her as Melanie if you cut her hair short or put it into a ponytail and make her face more tanned. Overall, not bad casting, though as for whether the movie will be as good... hm, we'll see. I've learned to be cautious about these things. What do you think?

(Sorry for all the double posts these days~ )