YA Chibi-fied (2)

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Where I take YA -- and chibi-fy it (with a 2B mechanical pencil)! ;)

Chibi (ちび): n. This is a drawing style where anime/manga characters are shrunk into a small, cute, child-like form. This drawing style is sometimes called 'super-deformed' in the west and is pronounced 'chee-be'. [animetion.co.uk]


Today's chibi-fied character isn't exactly found in YA books, but she is found in well-known manga and anime. So, Aly (@ Fantasy4eva), this one's for you:

It's Sailor Moon! I kept on wavering between different Sailor Moon forms (my reaction: there are various forms?!), so it might be a bit of a mish-mash between them. Hopefully her hairstyle and outfit still make her recognizable though. :)

Next week, I'll be trying my hand at Harry Potter characters, as per request. I swear I'll make Voldemort cute! Somehow. Check back in a week. ;)

Is there anyone you would like to see chibi-fied? Leave a comment with the book or characters!

I'm also thinking whether I should make a linky where you can put the character/book you'd like to see chibi-fied in the name field and a link to your blog in the URL field, so it's still a chance to network. Or are you embarrassed to say who you'd like to see chibi-fied? Because I can make an anonymous box as well. I'd love to know your thoughts!

edit// I think the name's going to stay YA Chibi-fied... but with brief interludes of regular anime-style drawings. xD