Interview: Maureen McGowan

The brilliant mastermind behind the Twisted Tales series is joining us today: Maureen McGowan! :D

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1. Quick! If you crossed Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, what would you get?
Sleeping Cinder: Ninja Slayer
2. Even as a child, have you always wanted to twist traditional fairytales? 
In hindsight, I think I did want to fix a few of them. Especially Cinderella. I never understood why the Prince, if he was so in love with her, needed a shoe to find her.

3. When writing Cinderella: Ninja Warrior and Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer, did you think of any other fictional characters? (i.e. I think "ninja warrior" and "Naruto," and "vampire slayer" and "Buffy.")
I didn’t really think of any other characters while writing. It’s almost impossible not to think of Buffy when one hears, “vampire slayer” but I didn’t really think about her while writing the book. Except that I wanted my heroine to be equally kick-a**. My main aim was to create characters who were resourceful, brave and strong. Once I started creating their backstories—Cinderella being orphaned at a young age, trapped and abused, Lucette being overprotected and torn between warring parents—their personalities developed.
5. On your blog, you mention that when you made up stories, "[your] mother called it lying, [your] teachers creative talent." If you had to assign a label to story-making, what would it be?
For me, storytelling swings between freeing and fun to frustrating and challenging. I think the moments when it’s difficult and really frustratingly hard work are more numerous, but the good parts far outweigh the bad.
(And the lying as a child is a joke. Mostly. I was a horribly well-behaved child.)
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6. If you could invent one brilliant creation, what would it be named and what would it do?
If I knew, I already would have invented it and I’d be rich. :) But now that I think of it, I would love to invent a robot to do all my housework. Perhaps I’d call it Cinderella. ;)

7. Last of the silly questions, if you were a eating/cooking utensil, what would you be?
A spatula. They’re always getting dipped into yummy things like cake batter.
8. Can you give us any hints on what's upcoming in the Twisted Tales collection?
I have worked up ideas for quite a few fairy tales, including Snow White and Beauty and the Beast, but I can’t announce anything official, yet.
9. And finally, any parting words to the readers and writers out there? :)
Keep reading. Keep writing. Follow your dreams.


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