YA Chibi-fied (1)

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Where I take YA -- and chibi-fy it (with a 2B mechanical pencil)! ;)

Chibi (ちび): n. This is a drawing style where anime/manga characters are shrunk into a small, cute, child-like form. This drawing style is sometimes called 'super-deformed' in the west and is pronounced 'chee-be'. [animetion.co.uk]


Instead of The Saturday Network, I'm now going to be doing a new meme on Saturdays: YA Chibi-fied! I love manga and anime, but with all the busyness of doing things I love to do (reading, making music, playing RPGs) art and my manga love has fallen by the wayside. But, no longer! I'll be doing chibi drawings, definition above, of YA book characters and posting them every Saturday.

Before any flaming, I just want to mention that I know I'm not the best artist, and my dated scanner seems determined to erase much of my shading, grr. I'm starting this feature because I find chibis fun and cute, perfect for a Saturday, and hopefully you will too. I mean, Edward the vampire as a chibi? Let me know if you'd like to see that. ;)

Without futher ado, here's the first chibi on this blog EVER:

...okay, so maybe you noticed that it's not a YA book character, but it's a special exception to celebrate Diversity in YA Fiction! It's been floating around in the blogosphere lately, but I wanted to make my own special mention of it because diversity is that important, not only in YA fiction but also in real life. Growing up, I can't imagine what it'd be like to not have at least 10 different ethnicities in each of my classes -- and the person I'd be like now without such cultural diversity. And I'm Asian American, so shout out to my A-A homies!

Visit Diversity in YA Fiction [here].

Thoughts, criticisms? Any YA character you'd like to see chibified? Let me know in the comments! :)