The 2884 Series!

What's the deal with the 2884 series? My friend's dad just released Kaluptan Quest: 2884 the sequel to his first YA science fiction book, Ixodia Escape: 2884, a few days ago. I read Ixodia Escape last year and it was pretty good. The characters are solid, though not excellent, but where it really shines is in the science aspects. The two books are marketed as a YA reads, though I see them more as a cross between adult and YA.

Captain Xander Villanova, sweet and caring Jelina, bubbly Arielle and the young but gifted Mondeus set off on a vacation in the vivid world of 2884. In their Pelican 25 spacecraft they travel beyond the outer reaches of the solar system, stopping for a sightseeing trip at Saturn’s rings and the massive Central Station orbiting Neptune. Soon they reach the Ixodia system and the tropical paradise of Aqualon. But on a camping trip, the Pelican 25 suddenly disappears and the four teenagers are left stranded on Riad, an uninhabited moon. A quest to be rescued soon changes to a battle for survival as things take a turn for the worse, testing their character, mental fortitude and inner strength. Their search for the Pelican 25 leads to a stunning discovery of a past shipwreck, unprecedented adventures, and the lesson that all people have more in common than we ever thought.

So why am I posting? Other than to get the word out there, the publisher offers the books at a relatively high price (wow, $25). If you're interested, email me, and I can contact the author for signed and discounted copies! :)

And that is all, my lovelies. (I'm obsessed with saying "my lovelies." It makes me feel so evil and villainous, mwahaha. ;)) Hope you're having a TOASTY TUESDAY! Remember, the sun is out... and, erm, hopefully so are you!

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