Winners Galore & New K-pop!

First off, there won't be a YA Chibi-fied this weekend, sorrrrry. I have a TON to do, but I'm in the home stretch! Only one more hectic week of SAT prep and final projects, and I'm a freeee woman. The taste of freedom makes me want to sing and stretch my words. :3

Anyways, on to the winners. A couple contests have quietly ended this past week, so with my google docs and trusty, I tackled them. And the winners areeeee:

OYMG by Amy Fellner Dominy
Karen (#1 -- wow.)

Carol M (#31)

892 Followers Contest
Sandy (#165)

Louis (#49)

Congrats, and I'll be emailing shortly! Thanks to everyone who entered, and for who entered that didn't win, feel free to check out some other giveaways for a chance to win one of two sets of Dead Rules buttons, a Twisted Tales set by Maureen McGowan, a signed copy of Nightspell (Mistwood #2) by Leah Cypess, or a copy of Mistwood.

I'm also doing the music portion of IMMM today, since I'm delaying it yet again. (Next weekend, I promise!) I'm kind of switching the usual art and IMMM days in that tomorrow I'll be posting a simple, cute Dinosaurland background that I'm doing right now for my math project. So if you're looking for something book-related... uh, I'll include something in there.

So today I'm going back to k-pop (yes, I'm a fan if you didn't know). Beast just released a new MV last week called "Fiction." It's pretty catchy and the little shuffle they do during the chorus is so cuttte/weird to imitate, haha. You can move the cursor to about 1:24 to find what I'm talking about. ;)

And the K-pop machine keeps churning out new artists. Amidst another actress-turned-singer, etc. debuting in the past and the coming week, I picked And You, a male duo that just released their first album yesterday. The below MV is for "Words On the Very Tip of My Tongue." I don't think it really stands out much from a sea of Korean ballads, but they do have very soothing, beautiful voices.

Not new, but one of my favorite artists: Kim Ah Joong. Her voice is STUNNING. The below video is a fan-made OST of one of Kim Ah Joong's songs in the Korean movie 200 Pound Beauty (which I've watched, but that's a post for another day), and it's called "Byul" or "Stars" in English. Shivers-all-over love.

Whew, sorry if that was K-pop overload. I only meant to post one or two and got carried away... haha. Well... if I'm at it, I might as well use a video to wrap up. A group called B1A4 debuted about a month ago and they've had a really positive response. B1A4 = one blood type B member and four type A's. They're OK (man, I'm witty), but I thought their music video was really cute and uplifting. So here's the start of a great weekend! OK, GO!