Dinoland & Wither Love

As promised, a bit of random:


It's still not completely finished, but I thought I'd share some kind of art since I'm not doing YA Chibi-fied this weekend. We're going to do some Statistics monopoly with it, so it's not a masterpiece by any means. But I tried to make the soft colors match the game pieces one of my friends designed:

cuuuuute! <333
(Please don't take any of the graphics, but if you're interested in using them to play some Dinoland monopoly, feel free to shoot me an email!)

As for the book-related aspect of this post, Lauren Destefano is giving away ARC's of both Wither and Fever, the sequel! I'm sure some of you have already heard about it and entered, but if you haven't, enter HERE before May 31st. :)

(... when I was just about to post this, my little sister ran down with her demented Furby which first sounded like a cicada, then went "furbbby *grunt* oink *snort*." Freaking scary. /end random.)

I'm not doing an IMMM this week, but feel free to leave a link and/or tell me what you got! :D