Interview: Jessi Kirby

Today's feature is one lovely debut author: JESSI KIRBY! Her debut contemporary novel, Moonglass, was just released last week on May 3rd and has been receiving glowing reviews in the blogosphere. Leading up to its release, Jessi held a bunch of inspiration giveaways, so head on over to her blog to read more about how the title Moonglass came to be, her attraction to lifeguards, and more.

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1. What would you say your relationship with Anna is (i.e. friend, sister)? 

Anna’s definitely like a dear friend to me. I spent so much time running the beach, thinking about her story and trying to put myself in her shoes, that she was as much a companion as my music and the ocean that were there every day. I sometimes still run to my MOONGLASS playlist, and when I do, I swear I almost catch a glimpse of here next to me.

2. We've all heard fairytales and myths centered around the ocean/sea. Why do you think people are so mystified by it? 

I think when we face something so vast, it’s impossible not to wonder and be inspired by it.  I can’t do it justice, but the ocean is huge and mysterious, and its spectrum of moods ranges from peaceful and soothing to angry and powerful.  It’s impossible not to think of the ocean as having a life and persona of it’s own, so it’s easy to see how it so strongly affects people.
3. On that note, what makes Tyler special? What's the magic in his and Annas' ocean-side romance? 

I think the draw of Tyler is that he’s not a perfectly swoony character at first. He’s a little arrogant and plays the game with Anna.  The magic in their romance comes from the back and forth teasing that goes on between them, which eventually leads to something more. 

4. Say Moonglass was being made into a TV series. If you got to pick, what would it's theme song be and which celebrities would star in it?
Ooh, that’s a fun but tough question…The theme song would have to be “Try Not to Breathe,” by R.E.M. since that’s the song that was on repeat while I was writing it.  If I could cast Anna, I’d cast Anna Sophia Robb, who was just in Soul Surfer. Tyler would have to be someone young and blond and tan with a devilishly handsome smile. Got any ideas?

5. You mentioned that you're an English teacher. How did your students react when they found out about your book deal? Will you be buying any copies for your classroom? :) 

By the time I got my book deal, I had moved into a position as the librarian, so I didn’t have my own classes to tell.  The students that did find out were super-excited though, and I’ll be going back to visit them next week!

6. To wrap it up, what "Jessi Kirby's quote of wisdom" would you impart on readers?  

I’m going to totally cheat and leave you with my favorite quote of wisdom, which I did not come up with.  Thoreau did, and it hangs big and bold in my office. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you imagined.”
Thanks, Jessi!

Jessi also had her launch party yesterday, so congrats! Her dress is so, so pretty, vivid, and as fluid as the sea itself. :)

As for the interview, I absolutely FAIL at naming celebrities though I'm okay with that, since it's not really my thing. But who would you cast as "young and blond and tan with a devilishly handsome smile" Tyler? What do you find special about the ocean and the beach? Share your thoughts and comments below!