Visible Email Addresses - Do or Don't?

**The main reason I'm posting this is as a heads up to if you've recently started a blog and haven't gotten any comments yet, you might want to check to make sure your comments section is working. ;)

I recently noticed that there are quite a few bloggers that don't post their email addresses. Of course, that's understandable, seeing how many spammers, stalkers, and creepy bloggers that blog about whether you should hand out your email address (or maybe there's only one: me) there are, but what about all the things emails are good for? I again noticed another blog today that didn't have the comment section working and, when I checked, no visible email address. So I can't comment to tell them their comments aren't working, and I can't email them either?! I sounds like such a busybody here, but I really just want to help and it makes me feel incredibly bad that I can't. It might be on purpose, but I hate to think that it's accidently happening and the blogger feels discouraged.

Now, I understand that there are quite a few security risks associated with giving out your email address. You could give it out and these "U WON THE LOTTERY!!" emails start popping up everyday. Horrifyingly stupid, I know. And then you have to press the "report spam" button, *gasp*! Okay, so there's a lot more to it than that, I'm just trying to be funny and failing. Spam and viruses can definitely be more dangerous than they appear, and that should always be kept in mind. The Internet is NOT all rainbows and butterflies, and you should never, ever freely post your address and other personal info - free social security number, anyone?

In the end, I say "yes" to visible email addresses because there are just times when you need to be contacted and there's either no other way or it's a lot more convenient. While I'm still sort of against giving out my personal email address, I would encourage making another, secondary email address that you can use for all your blogging purposes. That way, your personal info and sacred little teddy bear are safe while you're still able to have an email to give out.

So, what do you think about having a visible email address? A do or a don't?