Happy holidays!!

I'm currently in New York visiting my uncle and aunt, so I just wanted to make sure I wished everyone a very happy holiday season, even if it's sort of early. You might see random reviews popping up throughout the holidays, but I'm probably not going to do some serious reading until I get back on the 30th. I think I'll have my hands full handling skiing and trying to handle a 2-year-minus-3-days-old cousin. This right here is just me typing on my laptop using the snail-speed internet connection over here. Arrgh, slow internet connection makes me want to smack some things (not books, of course).

Anyways, I know I've only been blogging since the end of August, but it's totally addicting to be able to share my thoughts with everyone and know that people actually care about and read them. That feeling of yes, I actually mean something, which never fails to pick me up after a hard day. So thank you guys for all your support throughout the year, and hope your holidays are filled with joy, food, family, and awesome presents!

Share the love!! :)

And if you're wondering, my family's road trip to New York consisted of my sister and me sitting in the back seats singing along to all the Backstreet Boy songs, which we know by heart, and playing Pokemon, both activities that we save almost solely for road trips. Can you say "dorks awesome?!"