Questions - help please? 200 Followers!! :)

Okay, I have two questions that have been bugging me lately that I would love to hear your answers on! But before I start, I first want to say a huge THANK YOU!! to all of my lovely followers. 2-0-0!! I'm so glad that that many people even want to follow me, and I love every single one of you. Seriously, let me give each of you another virtual holiday cookie. And that's a prelude to my first question...

1)  200 Followers Contest - I'm sure all of you have heard the "I'm a broke teenager" tons of times, so I'm going to skip that part (even though it's true. -stabs shipping costs-). I'm going to try to make this my first international contest though, to mark the end of a wonderful year! Anyways, question is: Would you rather a large number of books to one winner or multiple winners that only win one or two books each each? And would you rather I do monthly contests, or a big one every now and then? This one directly affects you, so VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Other suggestions are definitely welcome too.

2) ARCs and Review Copies - This one is a solely self-help question that I would love some help at because I still feel sort of awkward about this subject. I've been seeing a lot of fairly new bloggers that manage to get their hands on books that I'm extremely jealous of. So just a quick question for fellow bloggers that have some experience in the area (and can maybe help some newbies out): When did you start requesting ARCS/review copies? I know there have been many helpful posts about this subject that I'm definitely checking out, but just wanted to get some more experiences on the matter. (In case you haven't heard, fellow newbies, check out this awesome post Kristi from the Story Siren did about review requests here.) That being said, is there a definition of "newbie," lol? Maybe you just puff up one day and stop feeling like one. :)

Anyways, that's it. So vote on the contest, and keep your eyes open!

Edit --
I got bored today so I decided to do a quick sketch of Sunny and Rayne from the Blood Coven, then got inspired by KatieDoll's Fan Art Friday to post it. I haven't drawn in months, so don't laugh please?