Reader Survey! (+3 contest entries)

So, I have this little thing called a survey that I would love for you guys to fill out. I know that some of you would do it just because you're that sweet and awesome, but I know that I myself sometimes need a small incentive to push me along and that's where the +3 contest entries come in. (It's another 3 entries to my 200 Followers Contest on my left hand sidebar.) I've recently been stressing myself over what I can do to make my blog better and thought what's better than to have my readers tell me what they want to see, since they'll be the ones reading it? I'll add these up for you at the end, so you don't need to go back and re-submit the contest form. :)

Please fill out this form!
Thank you!!

Edit// Just wanted to say thank you for all the responses I've gotten so far! They're definitely honest, and I appreciate that.