The Holidays: My Xtreme Activities

I just realized there are tons of In My Mailbox posts... What? It's the weekend already?! Lol, I'm so out of it because of the holiday season. Anyways, I'm going to put off my IMM until next weekend, when I'm back home and have more to share, so in the meantime I'll just be posting some of my day-to-day holiday doings and occasional reviews. That being said, on to what I did yesterday (I would have posted it yesterday, but it was too late)...

I mentioned this in my last post, but I had to go watch Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel with my little sister and cousin. And my only thought is: awwww! Seriously, you need to watch that part where the Chipmunks and the Chippets (the girl chipmunks to the right) meet and fall in love. Their eyes are HUGE. Can you spell adorable? Because I'm pretty sure it's C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K. I'm putting the trailer at the bottom for those of you that haven't seen it yet but want to. Not only is the movie cute and hilarious - what else do you expect from the Chipmunks? - it also teaches some good lessons about family and accepting who you are, so I definitely recommend taking the kid(s) out to see it!

The theater was in the mall, and, yes, there was a Borders too!! We spent a few hours there - basically me looking for books to buy and the little monsters reading books. Plus, my little two-year-old cousin made me chase her in circles around the picture book section while I worried about her ripping an unsuspecting panda out of a book. Intense. Then, in the afternoon, after watching the movie, I managed to spill a mound of the leftover popcorn while waiting in the checkout line. Ahh, I'm such a klutz! My little sister and cousin were somehow delusioned into thinking they could finish a large AND a medium-sized popcorn - think a big bucket and a huge bag - in addition to a large Coke. Did that happen? Not exactly; all that happened was that we were all nausous from eating too much buttery popcorn but were too cheap to throw the popcorn away. Since, after all, we did shell out $15 on popcorn alone... So I'm left to hold the popcorn while trying to balance the books I bought on our morning trip to Borders, my wallet, the Borders rewards and gift card, and the new book I want to buy. And, woosh, the popcorn bucket slips out, and the popcorn spills all over the floor. I'm left to scoop down and pick it up, all while blushing furiously, while the two little monsters laugh and move up in line. I think the Borders employee was sort of laughing at me too. Not nearly my most embarassing experience ever, but still. The only thing that saved my day was that I bought some books, yay!

As for today, my once-removed cousin is arriving, and I think we're all just pigging out again and stuffing our faces with food. Another person here = another person to play Monopoly, lol. But enough about my boring life, did you get any awesome books or do anything fun? Please feel free to leave a link to your IMM post, and I'll make sure to check it out! :)