The Saturday Network (11)

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Good morning, Saturday Networkers! I've been thinking of doing a survey to get your thoughts on SN, which I'll probably put up next week - would you mind filling one out? I'm also considering putting up a contest solely for Saturday Networkers sometime, but that probably won't be happening for a couple weeks at least... I'm really not sure about these things though, and I'd definitely appreciate your feedback to make SN better! I'm just throwing some ideas out there for now, and if you have any you want to mention, I'll include it on next week's survey, thanks. :)

Anyways, this week's featured Saturday Networker is SN#21, Stacie! She writes both young adult and adult book reviews along with awesome product reviews and numerous giveaways. You can check Stacie out on her blog: Simply Stacie.

For Bloggers:
1. Comment with a link to your blog and a one or two-sentence description.
2. Head on over to the blog of the blogger that commented right before you.
3. Click on any post on that blog, preferably a recent one, and comment! (Thoughtful comments are appreciated.)
4. That's it! If you'd like, feel free to comment again and repeat the process, including the link to your  blog. You don't need to give a description again, and please wait until at least one person comments after you to comment again. :)

For Non-bloggers:
1. Don't worry, you can still participate! Just look for any blog that you like and head on over.
2. Click on any post on that blog, preferably a recent one, and comment! Thoughtful comments are appreciated.
3. Come back and look for another great blog!

Commenting will be closed on Sunday at 9:00PM EST. I hope you discover some awesome blogs in the process and, most importantly, have fun! :D

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