Giveaway: Partials and When the Sea is Rising Red!

Ack, I keep on disappearing because, honestly, I haven't been really into reading YA lately. I don't know if it's a temporary thing or a more far-reaching thing, but I've instead been picking up a lot of adult paranormal and action romance novels. I don't know why either, ugh.

But a quick giveaway post since I do have to disappear ASAP to prep some more for my IB orals tomorrow! My books - and this blog - have been looking pretty lonely, so I'm giving away ARCs of PARTIALS by Dan Wells and WHEN THE SEA IS RISING RED by Cat Hellisen. I just reviewed PARTIALS and I should get around to posting a mini-review of WHEN THE SEA IS RISING RED, whose magical component (and gorgeous cover, imo) drew me in. And it was pretty good, if different.

Anyways, please excuse the sparse post. I'll end the giveaway around two weeks from today, email the winner, and get the books to the post as soon as I can. U.S. and Canada peeps only for this one, sorry! 

Hopefully I'll be seeing more of you guys soon~ //pleads to the YA gods to give me reading motivation again