And... I'M BACK?!

So, do you still remember me? :)

Before I go on, I have to first start with the pre-requisite SORRY!! Gah, and I had August all planned out for my brilliant first blogoversary (which passed a little over a week ago) - but, alas. I still have some books that were mailed to me, so I'll definitely be promoting, and after I try to contact the authors who I got interviews from, giving away them in a two-week giveaway-fest. I'm a failure, sorry; but I'll try to make it up to you guys! I also have some reviews that I need to post for books I received in July...

So what basically happened is that from late July to almost all of August, I was in China volunteering. Our program was originally scheduled to take place in Shitai, Anhui but due to some intense flooding, the program was pretty much canceled a week before we planned to leave. *cue IMPENDING APOCALYPSE panic* The preparations for the trip had been going on for months, so we frantically scurried around during that last week, edited lesson plans, made new travel arrangements and such, and luckily found a new place in Linyi Shandong. No excuse, of course, but that's my life and I'll do a personal post sometime soon, in which I'll post some pictures. The students were great; the bathrooms - not so much.

Anyways, I can't fit everything into this post, unless I opted overload your brain with a two-page post. Like:
• how I finished Mockingjay two days ago and... ASKJDHER?!!!?!! (My thoughts exactly.)
• how I am a reasonable and reasonably-terrified driver that has yet to venture onto the all-conquering beast, THE INTERSTATE.
• how my graphite, 3g KINDLE 3, aka my first ereader, will be arriving on Thursday - so excited! :D
• how I'm a junior and therefore an official International Baccalaureate student with an incoming avalanche of homework (otherwise known as the "how will I manage my blog dilemma?" and definitely less commenting. :( )
• how I want to start a business now but am not sure what I should sell...
• how I feel like giving away some late 2010 ARCs if you would be willing to pay for shipping (more info soon if there's interest?)

As for the 700 followers and Shadow Hills swag contests, I picked winners before I left for the trip but never got around to announcing them. I'll make the official announcement soon.

Whew, so much to say, so little space. If YOU had something to say to me over the summer, please email me again! I had no internet access for 99% of my trip and I haven't quite gotten used to checking my email again... so it's not that I don't like you, I just didn't see you. Please email me, and I'll try to respond ASAP.

And that about wraps it up. I'm off to change my policy about ebook reviewing (Have I told you how PSYCHED I AM TO GET MY FIRST KINDLE?!!! Oh, right, I have. If you bought a Kindle 3, I'd love to hear about it!) and then to practice viola. I MISSED YOU GUYS and I'm looking forward to coming back to the blogosphere, though whether I'll be able to stay during the school year is a matter for another day. More posts coming soon to this blog near you! <33