Happy Thanksgiving (with a how-to)

I voluntarily put myself up as a turkey to be slaughtered for your dinner table. Because it's been over a month since my last update, sorrysorrysorry. Though, honestly, I'm going batshit crazy in real life. On one hand, it's the final year of everything IB with college apps (fingers crossed for ED!). On the other... I just know I'm losing my mind when I feel the need to randomly jump around like a chicken, to bark like a seal when I clap my hands, and to repeatedly bang my head over how adorable this Korean drama is (the last few episodes of Secret Garden; why are you so dreamy, Lee Min Ho?).

And that's basically my life at the moment. College stress, drawing, drama-watching, and teaching myself Korean. That being said, I'm grateful for all of it. I'm grateful to my parents for allowing me to do all these things, I'm grateful to you guys for being here, I'm grateful to everyone and everything that has in some way impacted my life - for better or for worse. And, most of all, I'm grateful that I get to be me, even as the insane, insecure, indecisive girl I am.

All cheesiness aside, I truly wish EACH AND VERY ONE OF YOU a happy thanksgiving! Just like Santa Claus. You guys are like the little (or not so little) boys and girls that I get to rain down thanks and happiness on. Here's my heartfelt present for you:

(Hehe, hope you enjoyed!) I'm off for Thanksgiving dinner now, but I promise I'll be semi-back in the near future with some thoughts on awesome books I've read. Note the awesome. So have a happy, happy, happy thanksgiving and be safe! Especially to those venturing into midnight Black Friday shopping. I'm going for it at an outlet mall because I'm way too scared to venture into Walmart or the like. SO LET'S ALL STAY ALIVE so I can continue to rant to you guys about swoon-worthy guys and mind-blowing concepts -- what do you guys think? :D