"Tis But An Update

HELLO. Remember me? I'm the crazy girl here who's sadly been neglecting her blog for the past few weeks -- sorry! sorrysorrysorry. ): Life's just hectic right now with impending college and such. I've been trying to polish up my art skills because I rediscovered my love for it and want to get it up-to-par in time for a nice supplement. Or just to prove that I HAVE art skills, somewhat. I just bought a replacement tablet pen, so I'm finally doing digital art again after two years. Which mean I'm starting off slow with chibis, and am practicing like crazy to refine my skills in a three week period. Just a few random pieces below~

GIVEAWAY INFO: YES. I WILL GET ON THIS ASAP. I promise I'll email the winners by the end of this week and WILL be sending out the tower of books just sitting on my desk, waiting to be mailed.
And to respond to all emails.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding, and I hope you all have an amazing/fantasy/awesome novel-resembling week!

As a side notet, I'm 17. As of 8AM yesterday.
Yep, still feel the same. *hands around cake*