Adieu for now, my wonderful blogosphere. (Random ARC's?)

Haha, now that's what I wished my birthday cake looked like...

I turned 16 yesterday, and who knew this year would be so different? I guess you guys can already guess what I'm going to say from the title, BUT IT BREAKS MY HEART. I really, really, REALLY didn't want to do this but with SATs, 5 AP tests, 2 IB tests, setting up other stuff this year, etc., it seems like I'll have to take a very extended leave. I absolutely love the blogosphere though, so I definitely hope to come back next year or maybe this summer. However, in the meantime, I suppose it's adieu for now... )':

I may post back periodically with some books I absolutely LOVE, but very rarely if at all. Gah, I know I kind of died out there with the last post, but here are just a few books I have that if you'd be willing to review, I'd be willing to pass along (all 2010 ARC's; sorry I got lazy with the authors):
- Trickster's Girl
- Hunger
- Crusade
- The Candidates: Delcroix Academy
- Stork
- Dead Beautiful
- The Mockingbirds
- Nightshade
- Beautiful Darkness

The official form this time is on the bottom. And I'll probably randomly draw a few people in a week or two and that'll be that. Only stipulation is that you pay for shipping fees, sorry! Open to anyone anywhere and, yes, that includes those invisible aliens on Mars. ;)

Also, just one thing that's keeping me super busy is a new organization my friends and I are currently setting up called Crafts4Change. It's currently still a group of high school and middle school clubs but we're working on it. If you're interested in supporting our cause, we just started selling SNSD (aka Girl's Generation) shirts today and all proceeds will either go towards donation to an international charity (TBA) or crafts-making sessions with children living in poor DC districts. You can purchase shirts HERE and visit our website here (still under construction). //end shameless promotion

So adieu for now my lovely bloggy friends and I hope to see you soon! Please don't forget little me. <33333