The Return of "Double-Trouble Mondays?" -- Opinions?

I'm sorry to boot out the last post so quickly, but scroll below to see my post about guest posting and whether YOU, yes you, want to guest blog here at Books At Midnight! :)

Anyways, a quickie post because I've seen a minute but there increase of short reviews in the blogosphere. Old followers, if you recall, back in November-ish I had a meme called "Double-Trouble Monday." It's basically where I posted short reviews of two books I'd read in the past week and showed what I was currently reading. It's hard to describe exactly, so you can check out my few Double-Trouble posts over here. I was wondering what do you feel about these posts? Should I bring them back (not necessarily on a weekly basis), bring the feature back with revisions, you're interested in participating, etc.?