Guestpost: LM Preston & Giveaway!

Today I'd like to welcome today L.M. Preston who's debuting with her MG science fiction book, Explorer X-Alpha, on February 7th this year. *hint hint, 2010 Debut Author Challenge* I'm including some very, very clickable links, then turning it over to LM Preston, who had a great answer to the question I posed for her. Be sure to read to the bottom for your chance to win a copy of Explorer X-Alpha and a poster, and enjoy!


Are people pre-destined? Or manipulated by a greater force?

In writing EXPLORER X – Alpha I touched on this subject, but for a moment. Aadi is faced with a terrible situation; one he really doesn’t know how to fix. He can’t even fight it with the surety that he will be successful, so he takes a moment and prays. Daniel replied to his actions with disgust, but Scott supported him. His call for help didn’t appear to be answered, because things just went from bad to worst. However, he chose to stay true to what he knew about himself. In that final hour of trouble, whether he won, or lost – he was to stand true and not allow the bad things that happened to him to change him for the worst, but to change him for the better.

When I look back at my life, I am like, “Wow!” I used to ask myself time and time again, why did I have the parents I had? Why did I have so many struggles growing up when I was defenseless? However, I always believed in a higher being. I believed in a God that allowed me to make choices, and was conditioning me to be stronger. Who loved me, but made me into a compassionate, survivor, and determined woman I am today.. I needed that, because my life as a young person was full of turmoil. A product of teenaged parents, who were still learning about themselves, is a tough way to grow up.

I don’t believe that your life is pre-destined. I believe that when you are faced with problems, circumstances that are horrible and out of your control, you still have power of choice. No one can change or harm your inner most self. That part of you that lays hidden within, unless you allow them too. I believe we have choices. The choice to learn from your difficult circumstances, become stronger, and to fight against the temptation to turn into those that tormented you. You know how I know this is possible, because I am a product of this, and so many other people I knew succeeded in spite of circumstances so difficult that most people could never imagine surviving.

Explorer X – Alpha shows the difficult journey of Aadi’s realizing that he has control over one major thing in his life – himself. Although he was created to be a conqueror of worlds, he gets to decide if that is what he will become. Just as we all have a choice in what we become. We can let difficulties make us bitter, sad, hurt ourselves, or we can fight to make those circumstances turn us into heros – that learn from the pain, and help someone else in their difficult journey.

Thank you, L.M., for the inspirational post! :) 

L.M. also kindly provided you the chance to win Explorer X-Alpha in addition to a poster! Remember to follow her blog, and fill out the below form. This contest is international and ends February 5th, 11:59 EST.