Four Awards -- What?!

My first time actually posting four awards, not because I'm super awesome like that, but because I'm so forgetful, haha. Sorry! I'm honored. :)

First, One Lovely Blog Award from two fellow bloggers! Kari from A Good Addiction awarded this one to me and Miss Cindy at Simply Life and Reading, who then awarded it to me again, lol! Not complaining though. Thank you!

I already received this award though (reminds me that I really need to put up an award slideshow), so I'm not going to nominate any more blogs.

Now, this one is from a while ago, awarded to me by the lovely Bookologist!

List 7 of My Favorite Things
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Bloggers that I'm passing this award to:

Katie @ Sophitikatied Reviews (Have you seen her designs?!)
Becky @ The Bookette

Passed on to me by Nikki @ Ramblings of the Bibliophile. LOVE this award, thank you!!
It signifies all the bloggers out there who constantly work hard to keep an updated and insightful website. They aren't afraid to take a bite with their honest reviews and enjoyable content. You amaze me, you inspire me so I call you a blog monster.
There really is no limit, and I know that many blogs I adore have already been nominated so I'm going to limit myself with only three:
If I didn't nominate you, don't be offended because I love reading each and every one of your blogs. No two people are the same, and the same applies to blogs. Keep up the awesome work, and know that you get a special award in my heart. :)
** Annoncement: CONTEST INFO - I'm still debating a bit on contests, but whether large or small, it should be up on Sunday. Just wanted to thank everyone again for their comments and opinions when I asked my questions!