The Usual Ramblings -- But With a Hurricane

It's Saturday! And what does that mean? RAMBLING. I know, I know. If you'd rather hear more book-related things tune in tomorrow.

Or, actually, maybe on Monday. It feels extremely weird having a scheduled rambling, but I'll be out today morning (god, this feels weird), and the thunder storming and hurricane-ing is expected to commence in Maryland today afternoon. So I'll schedule a Monday and Tuesday post, and hopefully everything will be back to normal by then. I live more inland so it should be fine, but my best wishes goes out to those living along the coast or in Pennsylvania. If you're reading this in the morning and live in an area the hurricane is expected to affect, Jacqui at Single Parent Retreat posted some helpful tips. lighten the mood, I quite like Hurricane Irene's name. Hurricane naming is definitely a case of personification in my eyes, and I can't help but think of a lovely storm giant. Like Hurricane Isabel (that one was bad). I guess it's truly a sign that I'm a hardcore fantasy fan, haha. :P

Anyways, I've been having this weird syndrome where I don't want to read. And then I read a book and, of course, it's FANTASTIC. And I'm like "JENNIFER, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" (Yes, follow along, I talk to myself.) Response: I don't knowwwww. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!!

... and then it's still hard for me to bring myself to read another book. 

I don't know what's wrong with me, and it's driving me crazy. Has this ever happened to you?