IMO, Baring The Mysterious Blather of Our Age

I think I may officially dub my weekends random brain-spew days with remotely, remotely book or writing themes. Or review attempt days. Ack, I'm sorry I've been seriously lacking in reviews lately. ): I'll look at some past books I've read and want to share my thoughts on. The ones I never reviewed because they're just weren't "in" at the time, you know?

I've been drifting away from In My Mailbox because, honestly, I haven't been requesting many books lately. I also haven't had the time to sit down and think about what I want to order with all this college ickyness swiftly approaching. It's like my brain is hard-wired to wake-up, work, blog, eat, read, STRESS, and sleep. Rinse and repeat. Repeatrepeatrepeat. By the end of all of this, I swear my brain will be thoroughly fried and my reviews will sound like a malfunctioning robot. Really.

SO, I know you guys didn't tune in to hear me complain about life but rather complain about "the mysterious blather of our age." IMO, ofc. Or maybe you were just checking in for contests, which I totally understand (HAUNTING VIOLET winner announced at the end of this post!). But I just thought I'd say this because I really, really don't want to get naked with any more people.


Yeah, it's the number one thing that irks me, people saying, "Please bare with me!" I'm fine with my clothes on, thanks. But I've encountered this error so often that I started to doubt myself and my "please bear with me" ways. Thus, to confirm my sanity, I referenced my trust old internet.

Bear vs. Bare 101 (courtesy of
BEAR: verb [with object] 
- endure (an ordeal or difficulty): she bore the pain stoically
·  [with modal and negative] manage to tolerate (a situation or experience): she could hardly bear his sarcasm
   [with infinitive]: I cannot bear to see you hurt

BARE: verb [with object]  
- uncover (a part of the body or other thing ) and expose it to view: he bared his chest to show his scar
think: we need cute BEARs to BEAR with sadness // source

The next time I use "bare" incorrectly, like in this post title, you have the permission to gouge my eyes out. Next time I see YOU using "bare" incorrectly, I will call you a pedophile. (Haha, no. But I will give you the virtual Asian glare of disappointment.) But who knows? Maybe 10 years from now we'll all be saying "PLEASE BARE WITH ME, BBY," in which case I will gladly go back and appropriately change this post.

Moving on. Have you heard of this phenomenon called "swag?" Just in case, here's the:

Swag Usage 101 (courtesy of my teenage experience):
1) Blurt out "swag" during those awkward silences when all conversation lulls. "Swag" should be expelled forcefully with heavy emphasis and an optional accompanying hand motion (just fill it with swagger, it's hard to put into words). A pose like below is acceptable.
2) Start a "swag" chant with fist pumps.
3) As the ultimate defining adjective. The swag classroom.
4) As a noun. It should be drawn out like "he's got swaaaaagggg." 
YEAH, ABDC got SWAG. // source

... I don't get 1) or 2) either. But it works, for some inexplicable reason. Try it. I dare you.

Finally, just general chat acronyms. I remember when I was first introduced to acronyms. Back in fourth grade playing Runescape (a classic MMORPG for those in the know) when I first heard "LMAO." My reaction: ... Is that supposed to be some twist of "lame?" LMAOOOO. Is that a panda sound? The world has just grown x3405976 more mysterious. D:

And I can guarantee I sounded extremely stupid going "afk" like it was a word. Or "brb."

"Lol" is a huge plus, but some of these acronyms I can't help but giggle-snort a little over (courtesy of

HFAC -- Holy flipping animal crackers
MTFBWU -- May the force be with you
SHID -- Slapping head in disgust
TYAFY -- Thank you and *freak* you
^URS -- Up yours

I WILL USE THAT HOLY FLIPPING ANIMAL CRACKERS IN A FUTURE REVIEW. It's awesome. Sillyness aside, to survive in the chat world, I'd say a necessary addition to the laugh and talk-later acronyms for online chatters is asl or a/s/l. Age, sex, location. Which is one I actually didn't know, so I thought I'd tack it on just in case. Even though I'm sure there are many of you more txt- (I don't text *gasp*) and chat-savvy than me.

You've just heard my random view from Saturday. This is Jenn signing off, and hopefully you'll leave this post with some new tidbit of knowledge. Or, at least, amusement. 

P.S. HAUNTING VIOLET winner: Alyssa! Congrats, I've already squeezed HAUNTING VIOLET into its lovely orange envelope home. <3