Am I the Only Blogger/Reader Who...

  • Just reads her review books whenever she wants, wherever she wants (as long as the review is on time)
  • Feels stifled when scheduling posts
  • Now writes reviews in a stream of consciousness, without multiple edits
  • Needs occasional blog hiatuses 
  • May have her fidelity questioned by her 492 literary crushes
  • Picks up whatever is lying around when reading and uses it as a bookmark
  • Often cries in empathy over literary heartbreak
  • Thinks she's pretty prepared at this point for a vampire takeover or the fall of society
  • Feels like a disappointment if she can't keep up with upcoming releases
  • Sometimes pretends she remembers a little more about a book than she actually does
  • Still isn't completely sure where the reviewer line lies between brutal honesty and brutal attack
  • Is, at times, too emotionally-driven and impulsive -- and regrets some of her previous posts
  • Gets intimidated meeting authors and other bloggers face-to-face
  • Would be happy if her life mirrored THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, INKSPELL, or HARRY POTTER
  • Needs an about page -- WHEN DID THIS ABOUT PAGE TREND START *rageface* (forever ago, sigh)
  • Wishes some of her books could have lovely book cover babies together
  • Can't help but want to review like some other bloggers she admires -- and sometimes tries and fails
  • Frequently has a hard time seeing past eye-searing blog designs, but it's possible
  • Still pictures a computer behind every blog (though I SHOULDN'T, AGH)
  • That doesn't really have a social life, but is okay with her life the way it is
  • Is shy as a caterpillar in real life -- and is scared of caterpillars in real life
  • Is putting an end to her struggles over these two years and finally resolves to BE HERSELF 24/7 (as lame as that is)
  • at resolutions

It's a mix of blogger and reader, serious and non-serious things up there, but some of the blogger bullets are legitimately areas that I feel... alone on? Like a disappointment as a blogger.

Do you share any of the same bullets (serious or no)? Are there any things you do/habits you have/etc. that you feel alone on?