Blog Tour: Blood Ties -- Rayne's This or That

(Sorry for the overload on author features. More reviews coming soon!)

I reviewed BLOOD TIES last week on behalf of The {Teen} Book Scene blog tour, but I'm back again with a character This or That from our favorite girl on the dark side -- Rayne McDonald!

1) I know you're a fan of Tim Burton. I'll be excluding your favorite, Edward Scissorhands, for: Corpse Bride or Alice in Wonderland

I'm going to go with Corpse Bride. It's just so dark and romantic and I adore classic stop-motion animation. That said, I do adore all the outfits Alice wears in Alice in Wonderland. I so want that red, black and white dress she wears when she goes to the Red Queen's palace for my own closet.


2) The classics: All American Rejects or Fall Out Boys
Can I put a vote in for My Chemical Romance instead? -- me: TOTALLY. <3

3) The scarier animal: Bunny or Puppy
I'm with Anya from Buffy--bunnies are way freaky. Those twitchy noses, those beady red eyes...

oh, Draco...
4) Music-listening preference: Headphones or Earbuds
Headphones. I like to totally immerse myself in the music.

5) Kids TV character: Barney or Blues Clues
Blues Clues. I can't stand that happy go lucky purple dinosaur. He gives me the creeps.

6) Paranormal: Faeries or Vampires
Even though my family is fae, I still love the vampires! I guess fairies are just too frilly for me. And I absolutely hate the color pink.

7) HP love: Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy
Draco! I'm all about the bad boys!

8) Weather: Snow or Rain
Rain - my namesake! Especially if it comes with crashing thunder and lightning streaking through the sky. It's beautiful and so romantic.

9) Clothes: Dress or Skirt
I love dresses. Especially Japanese inspired Gothic Lolita ones. Skirts are okay, too...especially leather ones. But you won't catch me dead in pants.

10) Architecture: Gothic or Victorian
Gothic. Dark and rich in detail. Someday when I have my own house, I want to decorate it like a gothic crypt. Maybe even get one of those amazing coffin couches. ( How cool would that be?

11) Boys: Dark-and-handsome or Blond-and-fun
Normally I'd go for dark and handsome, but Jareth, my boyfriend and blood mate, is a blond. Of course he used to be blond and dark, but ever since he gained the ability to hang out in the sunshine, he's become more of a beach bum. Not really my thing, but, of course, I love him anyway and I'm happy he found something he likes to do. (However you won't catch me surfing anytime soon!)

12) Ideal date: Classy dinner or Out on the beach
The beach at night is beautiful. I'm not so much on the sunshine during the day. A goth's gotta keep her pale skin, after all. As for dinner, while I'd love to eat one, since I've become a vampire food's totally off the menu. So I guess a blood picnic at the beach would be the way to go.

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