Blog Tour: Witch Eyes -- Braden This or That

 As part of The {Teen} Book Scene's blog tour for WITCH EYES by Scott Tracey, I have MC (= main, magical character) Braden here to answer some this or that questions. Read on for the 101 on Braden!

1. [center of attention] vs. [fading into normalcy] Fading into normalcy.  My life could stand to get a little more normal. Actually, a lot more normal.  Can I get that normal super-sized?

2. [black & white] vs. [grey].  Black & white.  Things are either right, or they're wrong.  Right?

3. [sunshine] vs. [rain] Rain. I like rain.  It's moody.

4. [early morning] vs. [late evening] Late evening. It's too bright in the morning, and people are too chipper.

5. [love] vs. [logic] Love. I mean...come on.  That's obvious.

6. [failing] vs. [never trying] Failing.  My uncle always gives me some sports lecture about how you have to try, or you won't make a basket or something. I played dodge ball once...I'm good.

7. [doing things right] vs. [doing the right thing] -- which is more important: Doing the right thing. Always.

8. [chocolate] vs. [vanilla]: Vanilla gets a bad rap.  It's awesome.

9. [Ghostbusters] vs. [Mythbusters]: Ghostbusters.  All your problems get sucked away into a tiny little box.  Doesn't that sound great?

10. [unicorns] vs. [mermaids]: Unicorns.  I mean....c'mon.

11. [the boy next door] vs. [the mysterious bad boy]: Bad boys are overrated.  The boy next door.  It's just convenient.

12. [the end] vs. [a new beginning]: A new beginning.  Because sometimes, it's the best thing you could ever do.  Then again, sometimes new beginnings take you to Belle Dam...

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