Announcing: The Four Flavors of Summer Event!

(Scroll to the bottom to see the masterlist of giveaways/features.) 

Over the past month or so, I've been working with various authors, publishers, and publicists to coordinate a summer event that I finally get to share with you:

THE FOUR FLAVORS OF SUMMER!!! *throws ice cream*

Why does it warrant all the exclamation marks and ice cream? Because for four weeks, it'll be daily giveaways of books and swag with many, many author features. And FUN, I promise. So while your eating your popsicles/ice cream/what not, stop by here for some YA flavors:

  • Week of June 20th: Paranormal week
  • Week of June 27th: Fantasy week
  • Week of July 4th: Contemporary week
  • Week of July 11th: Misc. week (mainly dystopian and mystery)

With awesome authors like Kendare Blake, Leigh Fallon, Jessica Martinez, Carrie Harris, Rebecca Maizel, and more, what's stopping this from being an unforgettable summer of YA? I'll be here, you'll be here, and so will many, many books. ;)

BONUS POINTS: Spread the button love! I'm still not sure exactly how many bonus points it'll be, but I guarantee extra points in entries and my love. I've added the code for convenience (copy and paste), but it's really up to you how big or small you'd like the button to be.

There will most likely be some bonus points later on for spreading the word about specific TFFOS contests (i.e. twitter, facebook), but if you want to spread the word now, I have more love points and virtual ice cream. <3

The larger version:

The resized, ready-for-sidebars version (200x170):

So I can credit you:

Once the event starts, I'll be occasionally updating this post with the masterlist of features and contests, but the best way to stay on top of everything is to follow (subtle hint, I know... *points to sidebar*). It will not be required for ANY of the contests, but it's appreciated, of course. :)

Anyways, I hope you guys are as excited as I am! It's been a lot of work on both sides *fingers dying*, and I really hope to see you here next week, participating in and enjoying The Four Flavors of Summer. ♥


All giveaways end on Friday, July 29th and all winners will be announced on my blog on TBA.
Format = date: author // countries giveaway is open to

June 20th: Leigh Fallon // International
June 21st: Randy Russell // US only
June 22nd: Rebecca Maizel // US and Canada only
June 23rd: Amanda Ashby // International
Blog tour giveaway -- SPELLBOUND by Cara Lynn Shultz // US and Canada only
June 25th: Carrie Harris // International
Personal giveaway -- July 26th: SHADOWS ON THE MOON by Zoe Marriott // International

June 27th: Karyn Henley // US only
June 28th: LEGACY by Cayla Kluver giveaway // US and Canada only
June 29th: Charlotte Bennardo & Natalie Zaman // US, Canada, and Mexico only
July 1st: Jenna Burtenshaw // US and Canada only
July 2nd: Jennifer Estep // US only

July 4th: Kathy Mccullough // US only 
July 5th: Jessica Martinez // International
July 6th: LOVE STORY by Jennifer Echols giveaway // US only
July 7th: Amanda Cockrell // US only
July 8th: LIE by Carolin Bock giveaway // International
July 9th: DREAMS OF SIGNIFICANT GIRLS by Cristina Garcia giveaway // International

July 12th: Sara Grant // International
July 13th: Rosemary Clement-Moore // International
July 14th: THE RELIC MASTER series by Catherine Fisher // US only
July 14th: Victoria Schwab // International
July 18th: Christine Seifert // International
July 19th: Ilsa J. Bick // International