Guestpost: Kristin Walker + Giveaway!

Today I have the pleasure of having Kristin Walker here on my blog. She debuted just yesterday (!) with her wicked hilarious book, A Match Made in High School, and I definitely recommend checking it out. You can read my review of A Match Made in High School here. In her book, Kristin reveals some nuggets of wisdom for Fiona about romance and friendship, but does she leave you hanging? No! Kristin's back again to give YOU some priceless advice, and now I'm going to turn over the post to her. :)

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Five Things I’ve Learned About Marriage
The Importance of Blankets and Cheese

1. Have one rule for arguments: If you want to say something, you have to take off an article of clothing first. Pretty soon the fight will be over simply because nobody can argue when they’re naked.

2. Every wife should have her own bathroom. This is especially important in a household with boys whose chief purpose for using the bathroom is to engage in riotous bouts of pee swords. But even without kids, having her own bathroom will at the very minimum save half-a-dozen fights a month over who left the top off the toothpaste again.

3. Have kids or at least a large dog. That way you’ll have someone to blame when you break things.

4. Ladies: If you want some French fries, order your own. Don’t say that you’ll just have some of his. If you turn down French fries and then, when his arrive, you reach for one, know that you’re putting your life in danger. You’ve been warned.

And guys: Never eat the last of anything. Always leave a crust, a mouthful, a sip, a chip, some remnant of that food. If you eat or drink the last of anything, your wife will have no choice but to assume that you don’t love her and all you care about is yourself and you never think about her needs or wants first, it’s always you, you, you, and her mother always thought you were a selfish jerk and maybe she was right about you after all. I’m telling you, fellas, a single slice of American cheese might be all that’s standing between you and divorce court.

5. Never go to bed angry, because if you do, your spouse won’t keep his farts under the blanket. He’ll waft them right out the top.

Thank you, Kristin, and congrats on your debut! And in case you couldn't tell by her post, Kristin has an awesome sense of humor that was, for me, the crowing glory of A Match Made in High School.

Now, Kristin's also offering some adorable swag to one lucky winner. It consists of: bookmarks, Post-it matchbooks, pencils, and an engagement ring. To enter, just fill out the form below. Please remember, comments will NOT be counted as entries!

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