Winner: Everlasting & THANK YOU for 700!

Sorry for my "caps in the post title" trend of late, it's just me being excited. Perhaps TOO excited, but that's how I am (aka weird). I'm also sorry if I scared any of you with my Miley post yesterday (sorry poor commentor that said so)! I can get a bit carried away... sometimes... hehe. I swear I do not stalk unsuspecting children and kill them in their sleep. Really. I'm a bit disturbed that I need to confirm that.

ANYWAYS. On to lighter topics, we have the winner for Everlasting by Angie Frazier, which was an international contest thanks to Angie's awesomeness! So congrats to:

Bookaholic (from Bookaholics Oye!)

Thank you to everyone else that entered and if you didn't win, feel free to check out the CSN Stores giveaway! I only wish I had endless copies of Everlasting because I LOVED reading all of your responses to my question "Why do YOU think sailors are sexy?" - you guys made my day, haha. I cracked up so many times reading them. :D

Bookaholic's reponse was (chosen by and incidentally a long response):
"Sailors are sexy because they sail on sea which is so beautiful by itself! And also sailors are strong with all the work they on board and because the sea is so moody, there is always death staring at the sailors! And they look at it right in the eyes! Sailors are indeed sexy with a capital S."
The most popular reponses were variations of "It's their uniform." and, one of my favorites:

"Popeye didn't eat all that spinach because it was delicious. He did it for the muscles. And, WOW, are those muscles sexy."
LOL. Though some of you expressed preferences for pirates (I can understand that) and a few didn't think sailors are sexy at all! Take a look at that picture of sailors and tell me it's not the least bit sexy. Or just go read Everlasting. ;)

For the thank you portion, a HUGE thank you to everyone who follows me! From my post here, you guys already know why you make my day. I can't fully express how I feel in words, so I hope you know how much your support means to me. It's amazing knowing that people actually want to read what little ME says. And, of course, I love reading what you say back - THANK YOU!

To soothe any fears, there will definitely be another international contest to celebrate the occasion, the prize just isn't quite determined yet. It's still not certain whether I'll be able to go to ALA, so once a decision has been reached (hopefully yes), I'll put up a contest. Keep an eye out in the next one-to-two weeks!