Interview: Anastasia Hopcus

Today I have Anastasia Hopcus, the debut author of Shadow Hills, to answer some of my questions after reading her book! And if you'd like to know what exactly I thought about her book, you can see my recent review here. :)

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1. Shadow Hill is all about mystery and intrigue. How would you summarize your book using the phrases "sixty-four-thousand-dollar question" and "tough nut to crack" (courtesy of searching "mystery" on
Phe Archer goes to Shadow Hill, Massacuhetts to attend Devenish Prep because she has been having dreams about it. But when she arrives there and meets the cute and mysterious Zach Redford, she realizes that the real sixty-four thousand dollar question is why she dreamed about Zach before she ever met him. Phe soon learns that Shadow Hills is full of secrets, but perhaps the mystery that is the toughest nut to crack is the reason behind her own developing powers.

2. At the beginning, Phe is torn up with the sadness and guilt over her sister's death. Are you able to personally relate to Phe's struggles and her ability to push forward?
I haven't ever experienced what happened to Phe, but I used the feelings I thought I would feel in such a situation.

3. Assuming you could, would you choose to trade places from Anastasia Hopcus, the YA writer, to Persephone Archer, girl with a paranormal secret (and a cute boyfriend, of course)?
No, I would not trade with Phe. I already have a cute boyfriend. ;) And if I had to do Devenish Prep level homework, I would probably flunk out.

4. It's embarrasing, but I searched up Shadow Hills on the internet - and didn't find anywhere called that! Is there any special reason you chose Massachusetts for Shadow Hill's setting?
Massachusetts was the perfect fit because it had the kind of geographical area I wanted, including forests and hills, and also because it fit historically. Also, there are a lot of prep schools in that area, and I think people associate that area with schools with high academics, like Harvard and MIT.

5. The name "Persephone" automatically made me think of Greek mythology, and there were many hints of it throughout the book. Why Greek mythology (as opposed to Roman or Egyptian mythology)?
I don't really know much about Egyptian mythology. And I have just always liked the Greek mythology a little better than the Roman.

6. Who would you be if you could be a(n)...
· Greek goddess/god: Hermes because of the cool wings on his shoes.
· Superhero: Hit Girl from "Kick Ass"
· Known musician: Alice Glass from Crystal Castles
· Author other than yourself: Scott Westerfeld

7. Having almost finished the entire writing and publishing process, what's a word of advice you'd give to aspiring authors?
Persevere. Getting published can be a long, hard process, but it's well worth it in the end.

8. Are there any projects you're working on now?
I'm working on several projects right now. I have a lot of interest in continuing the story of Phe and Zach, but I also have some other ideas that I'm developing. They're still in the earlier stages, though.

9. Finally, can you leave us with what you think is the most important, one-sentence lesson Phe learns through the course of Shadow Hils?
Phe discovers her own strength.

Thank you, Anastasia!

I'm not even kidding, GO CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE NOW. It is EPIC, definitely one of the coolest author websites I've seen.

And I hope I'm not the only one who hasn't heard of Hit Girl and Alice Glass... I've included a Crystal Castles video for your viewing pleasure below - just in case. ;)

It's strangely addicting.

Mark the date: Shadow Hills releases July 13, 2010.