The Saturday Network (19)

Not much to say this week, except IT'S FINALLY THE WEEKEND. One-and-a-half weeks of school to go, then I can really dedicate time to blogging. :D

This week's featured blogger is a repeat, Audrey (SN#2) from Holes in My Brain. She has some great YA book reviews as well as a recently started contest for a $40 gift card to CSN stores. Audrey's blogoversary is coming up on June 21st and she's planning on holding some more awesome contests, so make sure to check her out!

For Bloggers:
1. Comment with a link to your blog and a one or two-sentence description.
2. Head on over to the blog of the blogger that commented right before you.
3. Click on any post on that blog, preferably a recent one, and comment! (Thoughtful comments are appreciated.)
4. That's it! If you'd like, feel free to comment again and repeat the process, including the link to your  blog. You don't need to give a description again, just please wait until at least one person comments after you to comment again. :)

For Non-bloggers:
1. Don't worry, you can still participate! Just look for any blog that you like and head on over, then check it out.
2. Come back and look for another great blog!

And if you'd like to grab and post the button anywhere, you can find the code on the right side-bar, thanks!