ALA & BBAW: You, Me, and Them

Edit -- If you're an author, I'd also love to know so I can stop by! 

So, it's decided. I'm going to the ALA Annual Conference on Sunday! I know it's no BEA, but I'm still excited for all the author signings. If you're going too, LET ME KNOW! I would love to see you there, and I won't do anything overly embarrassing. I think.That also means I'll be announcing my 700 followers contest AFTER ALA.

Also, a heads up for Book Blogger Appreciation Week registration., which is open from June 7th to July 7th. I still feel awkward with the “self-registration” concept but there are about three weeks left for registration – I might change my mind. If you’ve registered or are planning to, I’d love to know and wish you good luck! :)

So will I be seeing YOU at ALA? If you’re going, I’d love to talk about it with you, especially since I’m a book conference newbie in general. If you’re going on Sunday, we can tell each other our outfits (I identify outfits over faces) and possibly make plans to meet up and grab ARCs and author signatures together – I’m excited! Perhaps a little too excited, as you might be able to tell with my liberal use of exclamation marks, but I hope I’ll be able to meet some fellow bloggers there. Basically, EMAIL ME!! Or leave me a way to contact you please. :D

And this is sort of what I look like right now...