The Weekly Debate (11): Seasons and Reading Tastes

source: kellyhicks

This week's debate: Does the season affect what you choose to read?

A quick question and response this time to balance out my loooong one last time. I promise not to ramble. Promise (-- see? :D).

Seasons do affect my reading taste. They won't completely alter it, as in I'd still rather crawl up into a tiny hole and die before reading a gory, horror novel (REALLY. These little buggers give me the most horrible nightmares... for weeks... or months...) during the winter, but I admit that the general mood gets to me. The smiles/shorts/popsicles/laughing kids combo of summer is ppp-rrretty irresistible! So though I occasionally to rarely read chick-lit during the rest of the year, during the summer I find myself reading many more frivolous, shallow books with hot, half-naked guys casually strolling along the boardwalk... along the beach... *drools* Back on topic! -- conversely, I like to hibernate and read more emotional books during the winter. So, yes, the weather, and therefore season, does affect what I read to an extent, but it just changes the focus of what I read versus doing a 180-degree flip on my reading preferences. BUT I do always enjoy a good book! ;)

So, what do you think? Are you looking forward to a(n) (insert whatever strikes your fancy) summer?