New Layout! Opinions?

Okay, I think I have finally made up a background that I'm going to be sticking with for a while. There are still a couple minor additions I have to put on here, but this is basically it. I don't want to burn your eyes out in the near future, so please tell me if you see something that I could change to make it easier to navigate and/or look better! The points I'm mainly worried about and would love to get some feedback on are:

1) Music - I put on what I deemed "relaxing" music. However, I know that I'm not always in the mood for some music, and sometimes that's the first thing I turn off when I visit a blog. Is the music player easy to spot and in a place that you can quickly turn it off?

2) Sidebars - Arggh, I really had trouble deciding which order to put my contents in. Tell me please if you have any suggestions. Please.

3) Body Width - It's a bit wider. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for everyone's patience, and I hope it paid off! I'm sort of happy with how my blog looks, but I don't know. I'm pretty fickle. :)

-- And a quick shoutout to Rachel at Parajunkee's View, who made this gorgeous header! LOVE it.