Delayed B&N Nook - An e-reader for Christmas?

Well, I now know I am definitely not pre-ordering one of these. In case you haven't heard, Barnes and Noble recently announced their Nook, an e-reader with 3G network and a huge competitor against Amazon's Kindle. These new e-readers were supposed to be released today, but now Barnes and Noble is pushing back the release date to December 7 due to demand. And if you pre-order a Nook from now onwards, you won't be getting on until January 11... what?! A major step down for the Nook because it won't be coming out in time for the holidays, and a major boost for the Kindle.

I'm personally still waiting to jump onto this bandwagon. I'm having a hard time giving up the feeling (and smell! my family calls me weird) of a tanglible, paper book. A huge jump forward with the Nook's new borrowing to other friends service, but I'm not quite convinced. Maybe a hundred dollars down would convince me, in the "cheap" category, and many other ordinary, not so book-enthusaistic people, but for now I'm holding out until I see something as gorgeous as the Nook, but for a lower price. And 2010 is definitely looking to be the year for the e-reader!

Companies to look out for in 2010:

-- > confirmed e-readers from: Asus, PaperLogic, Netronix, Entourage, Samsung
-- > suspected e-readers from: Apple, Fujitsu, Dell, MSI, Amazon (Kindle 3 and DX 2??)

Anyways, anyone already pre-ordered a Nook (lucky!) or planning to order one despite the delay? Any thoughts on getting a e-reader for Christmas or next year?