Contest Reminder + Updates

Just a reminder that today is the last today to enter my First Books in Series contest! If you haven't entered yet and want to do so, please click here and leave your comment before 11:59 PDT tonight. I'm also having my 100 followers contest, so make sure to check that out too.

And on another note, I'll be messing around with my background and layout a bit, so don't be surprised it starts looking weird or something doesn't work. Please bear with me for the time being; I hope it'll be worth it. Thanks! :)

Edit -- Ah, this is what I wanted to post! I knew I forgot to post something, but I couldn't remember what!! I hate it when that happens, which is actually quite often unforunately.

I just wanted to say that I'll be adding a new cover rating and romance rater for each review from now on (tell me if you can think of a better name because I know those are lame). Some covers are simply to gorgeous and I have to comment on them, especially since I'm such a cover-maniac, and I know that I, personally, like to know how much romance is in a book, so I'll include that as well.

Also, I saw this idea over at Mindful Musings and thought it was great. Ocassionally, I'll go back and edit ratings that I look back at a few weeks after I post the review and think "oh! how'd it get __ rating?!" I'll mark those as revised rating with a +/- depending on whether the new rating goes up or down from the last one. It probably won't happen often, but keep an eye out for those changes! And I think that's really it.