Author Contests & News

In lieu of The Weekly Debate, I decided to do a post about awesome author contests and news in the past week because, I admit it, I hardly ever talk about book news. I hope this post is of some use! :)


To celebrate her new book trailer for The Dark Divine, Bree Despain is hosting a book-bag contest (international) with tons of awesome ARCs and the possible giveaway of an ARC of the sequel The Lost Saints and a 16GB iPad. The more views her trailer gets, the larger the prize. Here's the trailer, which is a pretty epic 31 seconds:

Courtney Allison Moulton is offering one of the first ARCs of Angelfire (international) - signed! There will also be second and third place winners who will win a free book or two.

Elizabeth Scott is giving away FIVE sets of ah-mazing Simon & Schuster books. Including Fallout by Ellen Hopkins and a signed copy of The Unwritten Rule. S&S is also throwing in an extra ARC and a tote bag, so what are you waiting for?

Lisa Desrochers just started her July contest. Enter for a chance to win a signed ARC of Personal Demons or some other great July debut book (ie. Other, The Ghost and the Goth).

Shari Maurer is giving away a copy of her newly released book Change of Heart and a Class of 2k10 BEA shirt.

Ally Condie is offering US readers a chance to win a signed ARC of her debut book, Matched (US only).

Rebecca Maizel is giving away a signed ARC of Infinite Days. There have been glowing reviews of this one, so don't miss out!

Andrea Cremer is asking readers to ask HER questions. She'll choose five questions to answer in next Tuesday's post and those FIVE askers will receive an ARC of Nightshade each.


Tera Lynn Childs, author of Forgive My Fins, announced that bloggers' comments during the Fin Fest led to her donation of $174.75 to Oceana. Yay to saving the planet!

Kimberly Derting revealed the GORGEOUS cover of Desires of the Dead, the sequel to The Body Finder, on Tuesday.

Michelle Zink is offering a free bookplate to anyone who owns or buys a copy of Prophecy of the Sisters in paperback. She also posted the Guardian of The Gate trailer.

Rachel Vincent revealed the UK covers for her Soul Screamer series. Personally, I think they're stunning and wish we had them in the US. Though I don't really like that they all have "Twilight fans will love it" printed in big font... She also hinted that the US cover for My Soul to Steal will be revealed soon.


Anastasia Hopcus, author of Shadow Hills, posted "An Ode to the Awesomeness of Bloggers!" <3333

Cynthia Hand, author of Unearthly, talks about why she doesn't like angels being seen as the "new vampire." View her post "Hot Topic".

Maggie Stiefvater posted "Death by Ham: Playing the Odds of Getting Published," on why the chances of getting published isn't the problem - the quality of the book is. (Pss: She also has her Shiver website up, where you can download the theme songs for Shiver and Linger for free!)

Tessa Gratton posted "Guts of a Writer". Feeling depressed with your WIP/queries/etc.? This will be the post to cheer you on.