Opinions On New Memes? (& Slow Week Notice)

** Heads up: I'm extending the 200 followers contest to Sunday, January 17 at 11:59EST. I'm going on a ski trip, so it's only an extension of two days. I'm still going skiing, but I realized I only have time to mail the books out next week. Therefore, contest ending date is the same as usual. Oops!

And before I ask for opinions, I just want to apologize that my posts aren't really up-to-par this week and for the stunt in reviews. I'm trying to juggle around so many tests and projects as well as fundraisers and appointments, I haven't really had time to relax this week. Sorry, and I should be back to normal next week!

Here's what I look like right now (not my cat though, I wish!):

Anyways, back on topic, what I basically wanted to ask were what are your thoughts on my new Weekly Debate and Saturday Network? I'd appreciate any feedback whatsoever, not necessarily responses to the questions below.

The Weekly Debate:
· Do you like my topics?
· Are there any topics you'd like to see or an area you'd like to see more of? (ie. blogging advice, YA news)
· I've recently noticed an increase in discussion posts (or I just never noticed them before). Would anyone be interested in me putting up a Mr. Linky so you can link your "weekly debate?" It doesn't have to be weekly though, I just love reading discussion posts!

The Saturday Network: (thanks for all of those that participated!)
· If you participated, was there anything you didn't like or would like to change/add?
· If you didn't participate, why not?

I noticed quite a few new bloggers participated in The Saturday Network, and I hope it helped. Thanks for your opinions in advance! :D