Guest Post at I Swim for Oceans! - Want to Guest Blog?

Melissa from I Swim for Oceans is awesome, and let me do my first guest post for her Friday Fix. It's a weekly feature where bloggers literally get to take over her blog and post about anything they want, though my favorite part was the funny questions she sent me to answer! Thank you, Melissa, and if you're a blogger that's interested in participating, head on over to her blog to check it out.

As for the guest post, you can read it here. The topic is The Top 10 Traits of Gorgeous YA Covers. Shallow, I know, and I think I sound like the extremely superficial, girly teenager I am. It's also a bit on the short side, but err, what can I say? I'm not very creative. On the other hand, it was fun typing it up and I got some more time to stare at gorgeous covers, haha! *drools*

Moving on from me, I *probably* won't be making it a weekly feature but would any bloggers be interested in guest blogging here, on my blog? You can post about anything, really, or I can send you some questions. If you're interested, just comment here with your email address and I'll shoot you an email regarding a post. I don't know if I'm being presumptuous by assuming  more than one person will want to guest blog, but it's pretty much first-come-first serve. Thanks! :)