Happy New Year!! (Resolutions)

Happy new year!! It always feels a bit surreal to me when it's a new year, but even more so this year because it's the start of a new decade. Talk about turning over a new leaf. Anyways, hope you guys are out partying and get to catch up on some sleep later. Cheers to a new year (decade?!) of happiness, excitement, reading, and blogging!

Here are my resolutions for 2010:

· Follow my 2010 changes
· Comment more! (why is this so hard?)
· Try to connect more with fellow bloggers - I'm shy. ♥
· Spend a little less time on blogging
· Buy more books, aka stop being so frugal

· When I get lemons, turn them into lemonade (Or a lemon orchard like in Beautiful Creatures. :D)
· Survive high school and all those standardized tests. I heard the IB program in eleventh grade is horrible.
· Get into a summer program (hopefully John Hopkins or UPenn), and get my driver's permit
· Be a better sister and daughter
· Use that time I cut from blogging to concentrate on schoolwork and losing that holiday weight-gain
· Be a better person all-around

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I seriously can't remember what. So I'm just going to end with a thank-you to all of you guys that have supported me this year. I started a book blog because, I admit it, I was bored and I wanted to share my love for books, but book blogging has literally become a huge part of my life - and I love it! So I'm sending out love to all of you guys, and feel free to share any resolutions you've made for this year! :)