Winner: Partials and When the Sea is Rising Red

The winner of PARTIALS and WHEN THE SEA IS RISING RED is: Onge (chic***!
Congrats! I have your address so I'll be mailing them out this weekend. Thanks to everyone who entered! I'll try to put up some more contests soon. (:
Sinceeee I'm obviously failing at reviewing, GAH. I have recently become an iPhone vampire, who sucks all its battery just reading online fiction. WHAT IS A PAPER BOOK; I don't know anymore.
... but I'll try rediscovering them when I have time -- plus motivation. ;u;

Books aside, we're going to celebrate my friend's 18th birthday by going to the movie theaters. Her birthday's on March 24th, so we all know what that means... THE HUNGER GAMES, yesss.
You midnight watchers, I'm jealous. And take me with you.
(If you're going to cosplay, that would be the awesomest-thing-since-ice-cream. I don't think I quite have the guts to cosplay the day after, but if you are, TELL ME! I will worship you, especially if you have pics. ;D)

Signing off until next time, me bookwormies-