The Saturday Network (14)

**Please, please don't comment if you are NOT participating. If you have questions or comment, feel free to email me!**

Eep, I feel like I'm just apologizing all the time now. This month is really busy for me with all the AP/SAT/piano tests coming up, and I'm really falling behind, sorry! It'll be a lot better in May, but for the meantime, please stick with me. (I'll probably have a quick little contest in a bit just to say I'm sorry, whoops.) As for now, I will prevail - at least I hope - and dig up a few posts for you guys. I solemnly swear on my bookshelf, and in case you can't tell, that is serious biznz.

ANYWAYS, on to happier news; it's finally getting warm over here! Hope you're feeling the spring where you live too. This week's featured blogger is Audrey (SN#20) from Holes in My Brain, whose clean and fresh layout matches the season perfectly. She's a YA reviewer in addition to a seperate blog where she discusses movies (though I can barely keep one, how does she manage to keep two?!).

For Bloggers:
1. Comment with a link to your log and a one or two-sentence description.
2. Head on over to the blog of the blogger that commented right before you.
3. Click on any post on that blog, preferably a recent one, and comment! (Thoughtful comments are appreciated.)
4. That's it! If you'd like, feel free to comment again and repeat the process, including the link to your  blog. You don't need to give a description again, just please wait until at least one person comments after you to comment again. :)

For Non-bloggers:
1. Don't worry, you can still participate! Just look for any blog that you like and head on over.
2. Click on any post on that blog, preferably a recent one, and comment! Thoughtful comments are appreciated.
3. Come back and look for another great blog!

Commenting here will be closed on Sunday at 9:00PM EST. I hope you discover some awesome blogs in the process and, most importantly, have fun! :D

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