New Look -- Same Old Me

Why, hello there. I'll stop for a moment to let this sink in...
/end first failed attempt.

HELLO! In case you've forgotten, my name is Jenn and I'm the crazed owner of this blog who owes yet another apology for the extended hiatus. School has only gotten worse with the looming IB/AP/SAT tests, so I can't promise rigidly scheduled posts per se, but I will try my best. Before, I partially left because a regimented schedule made blogging began to feel like a chore - as much as I love you guys - and I'm now trying to return and renew that sense of excitement in being able to exchange thoughts and be heard. So my resolution is to loosen up in my self-imposed posting requirements (aka possibly spam with more personal or superficial issues that no one cares about) while squeezing in a review once or twice a week. Can I do it? YES, I CAN... maybe. :o

Some quick notes:
- I'll be reviewing Wither by Lauren DeStefano -- and possibly giving it away? Would anyone be interested? I haven't really been around in a while so I don't know how available the ARC is, though I have seem some controversial reviews floating around.
- Yes, new layout! I'm trying to go for something more elegant and classic as compared to the old one, so please, please tell me what you think. Anyone willing to prevent me from traipsing obliviously around with an unattractive blog design deserves my love and many cookies. ;)
- Finally, I've installed IntenseDebate, which should start with this post... It's the main reason I'm putting up a post despite the blog still being under construction, and my fingers are crossed that it'll work. Again, if you like the old system, do tell.

Anyways, I'm happy to be back - for real this time - and look forward to catching up to you guys soon. Know a NEEDTOREADTHISORDIE 2011 book that I've been missing out on? I'd love to hear about it. :D