Me as the Piano Woman

Okay, since I never vlog, I decided to record something of just me fooling around on the piano. Yes, I'm one of the people that move around like crazy when playing and, yes, I make weird faces -- but I have no shame. So, Sandy @ Pirate Penguin's Reads, do one too! :D

I know the sounds quality is absolute trash, but my phone doesn't have the best recording capabilities. //understatement. But this video's not to judge how good I am, so I just hope it doesn't burn your ears out (make sure to turn it low first). I kind of jump around: the first two are parts of my past pieces that I stopped last month, the next two are segments from my very new songs (I have five new ones, so it's still almost sight-reading), and the rest are all random sheet music printed from the internet (starting from 6:28). In general, it's sprinkled generously with mistakes, so just watch out for your ears, m'kay?

If you recognize the first of the random songs, major props to you, and the last is my butchering of "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri; it's a gorgeous song, but I definitely cannot sight-read the piano part. And if you can determine any of the other songs amidst the crackling, I'd love to hear what you think they are! I'll post the song names sometime, if you guys are interested.

To the point, I'm posting about music because I won't be here over the weekend. I'm leaving Friday morning for Baltimore to attend All State Senior Orchestra. The gist: string and wind players across the state audition for spots, then the ones who get in drive to Baltimore and stay from Friday morning to Sunday evening, when we perform. It's my first year, so I'm a mix of nervous and excited, though I'm definitely not eager for the 12 hours of rehearsal we're going to have on Saturday... Our schedule is literally "eat, rehearse, eat, rehearse, eat, rehearse, sleep." Joy.

But anyways, that means I won't be posting this weekend. I'll put up the Saturday Network, but save my In My Mailbox to next weekend; maybe then I'll have enough books to do a vlog about it. :) 

For those of you that got the reference in my post title, I'm proud of you. For those that didn't, allow yourself to be educated please: