The Midnight Post (2): Author Contests & News

Let's step into this week's time portal, shall we? :D
(I'm not sure if this is helpful to you guys, so let me know if you'd like to see this again sometime.)


Lisa Mantchev revealed the cover for So Silver Bright. ARGH. It's so gorgeous I'm surprised I'm still not blinded right now. I'm embarrassed to say I've still only read Eyes Like Stars in the Theatre Illuminata series (is the second book good?), but I just want to kidnap Jason Chen and his freaking amazing art skills.

After announcing a stunning cover for her novel The Faerie Ring last week, Kiki Hamilton just posted up a couple pictures of the formatting - and it's just as beautiful as the cover.

Tera Lynn Child's cover for Sweet Venom had a huge release party earlier this week. It's gorgeous and darker then her usual covers, and you can visit Tera Lynn Child's blog read her own commentary and a little more about Grace Whitfield (the girl on the cover).


Read the advanced e-galley of Elizabeth Scott's Between Here and Forever. GO NOW, because Elizabeth Scott is pure amazing-ness, in person and in her writing. :D

Carrie Vaughn, author of Voices of Dragons, just posted up the first chapter for her upcoming pirate-and-fencing-themed release, Split.

Suzanne Young is teaming up with Hannah Moskowitz for the Awesome Contest of Awesomeness. Enter for a chance to win Invicible Summer and A Need So Beautiful (I KNOW. ;ooooo), as well as sneak previews into their 2012 books - ends 2/28 (intl.).

Angie Smibert is running an extended contest with cool Momento Nora-related prizes: forgetting pills (Jelly Belly's), a copy of the book, a charm bracelet, and temporary tattoos. Click to check out the details and participate!

Kiersten White is giving away an UK edition of Paranormalcy and a sketch from Hot Stuff. To enter, write a blurb for Supernaturally or post its cover - ends next Monday (intl.). And why wouldn't you want to post this cover?!


Clarity, Kim Harrington's debut YA novel coming March 1st, now has a named sequel - Perception. No, I haven't read Clarity yet but I've heard great things, and the titles are simple, sweet, and to-the-point. What's next in this series, 20-20 Vision? ;)

Kimberly Derting announced a new book due out November 15th, 2011 from McElderry (Simon & Schuster): The Pledge. Romantic fantasy in a dystopian world + Kimberly Derting = <3333

I reviewed Wither earlier this week and during a brief email with Lauren Destefano, I found that new books in The Chemical Garden series will be released a year apart, every March. How cool is that? (Just like The Body Finder series by Kimberly Derting.. yes, I have a thing for corresponding dates.)

For all my fellow kindle owners out there, Tera Lynn Childs posted that she's in the process of making her second novel, Eye Candy, available as a $1.99 Amazon ebook and, eventually, Smashwords. What are you waiting for? 

(Section for my randomness, lol, because I need one after scouring the internet. *eyes plop out*)

First, I literally found this song on Rachel Hawkin's blog a few minutes ago. She posted theme songs for all her upcoming books and Hex Hall, which I recommend (blackmailed my sister borrowed my sister's copy). But, it's helluva CATCHY. *gets new girl crush on Cheryl Coke*

And to wrap this up... It's the warmest day we've had here in months, near 70 degrees, so in honor of the coming spring: