Calling All High School Book Bloggers!

Cara from Chasing Words and I were talking... or, basically, talking about how junior year is threatening to kill us. So, we said, why not start something that recognizes fellow high school bloggers? Start off slow with a list and see where it goes. OFFICIAL P.A.: Please join us in bitching together as we painstakingly ascend these rocky hills to the beautiful steel gates of college (submit blog link below). We have cookies and AP books. ;)

For those who have already survived this hardship, I think it's interesting reading reviews about young adult books that are actually from young adults, and hopefully you do too. If not, you can always come here and scoff as, come May, we run around like beheaded chickens. But, if you do know any high school bloggers, I would love if you could direct them my way. :D

Anyways, that wraps up this public announcement. In all seriousness, there's just a ton of stress from parents, school, and even from myself. I feel that knowing there are fellow high school bloggers, just like you, that are somehow finding the time to blog really lends some hope, that I CAN DO IT. I don't know how many are out there, but I'd love to know so we can support each other in the days to come~

Parting note to everyone that's feeling down: WE WILL SURVIVE.

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Since no one seems to want to link, I suppose I'll go ahead and add blogs myself then make it a separate page later. If you'd like to be added, just comment below. :)

1. Kelsey @ The Book Scout
2. Lauren @ Books From a Shelf
3. Chioma @ Blue and Black Ink
4. Ari @ Reading in Color
5. Lauren @ Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
6. Kreag @ I Devour Books
7. Alison @ Lost In Believing
8. Julia @ That Hapa Chick
9. Julie @ Sea Reflections
10. Caitlin @ Scarrlet Reader
11. Audrey @ Holes in My Brain
12. Meg @ In Which a Girl Reads
13. Linna @ 21 Pages