The Weekly Debate (7): The Curse of the Ugly Cover

This week's question: Why are there bad covers?

I'm really not going into much depth here, because I don't feel that there's much for me to say. I'm not going to point any fingers, but some books have either such boring or just plain ugly covers, there is a .1% chance I'll ever read it, let alone buy it. They either have clashing colors, colors that simply make me want to puke, or, more moderately, images that don't appeal to me. THEY DON'T WORK, period.

There are some books that have had horrid covers but sound interesting, and one in fact that I loved. However, I checked that one out of the library and highly doubt I'd buy it, especially if I were the regular consumer browsing at the book store.

My stance: I simply do not understand why there are plain, boring covers. I understand not being able to hire the best designer, but I highly doubt ugly covers get many buyers. No risk, no gain, as they say. As for why there still are some horrendous covers, I don't know. Agh, please fix it for the sake of those wonderful stories out there with not so up-to-par covers! I hate to think  amazing stories would be bypassed just because they aren't as shiny as the cliche novel beside them. :(

It's your turn to voice your opinions. What do you think?

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