Leaving Addresses? + Affiliate News

Quick post to cover two things that I really need to cover. First off, I'm going to be doing another contest on Wednesday for Light Beneath Ferns by Anne Spollen, and I was wondering what do you think of leaving your mailing address when you enter? It'd be a lot more convenient for me, but if a majority of potential entrants (aka possibly you) don't feel secure leaving your mailing address, I can just make do with the traditional leave your email address and I'll email you if you win.

Next, you might have noticed a new "Starring Affiliates" on my left sidebar. Eleni from La Femme Readers introduced the affiliate concept to me, and it sounds awesome! She asked me to tell you guys about some fabulous contests that she has going on right now, and I definitely recommend checking them out.

Contest for Darklight by Lesley Livingston -- I haven't read this book myself, but it's near the top of my wishlist! Ends February 10th, and open to US and Canada.

Win your book of choice from 2010! There are so many awesome books that have already come out this year, and so many more that are still coming. Ends February 15th, and open to US only.


And last but not least, an awesome contest for Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves -- Another one on my wishlist. Eleni accidently ordered two (I've done that before two, haha), and she's give one copy away. Ends February 20th, and open to US and Canada.

Contests aside, Eleni has cool interviews and such, and she just passed 700 followers so go over and say congrats (if you'd like)! She also has an interesting Monday's Question of the Day that I spotlight everytime during my Weekly Debate; you can check out today's question here.

To sum it all up, I'm estatic to have Eleni as my first affiliate, and you should check her out! And as a side note, we're going through snowstorm after snowstorm here here in the Northeast, so if I'm not seen commenting or posting, you'll know what happened. I'm not dead, only my internet is. P: